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My name is Peter and I am here to tell you My Story and to provide you with an honest MyFunLife Review.
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My Story:
I was first introduced to Multi-level Marketing (MLM) 2 years ago while I was working full-time in the IT industry.
To be honest I wasn’t a fan of MLM and was completely put off it after my friends continuously and desperately tried to sign me up to Usana (another MLM company).

2 years later I found out that those friends were successful with their MLM Business and were making the same amount of money as I was, but I was working hard 9 hours a day and they were working whenever it suited them.
I was very jealous when I heard this news because I was working hard everyday to be Promoted, to get a Pay-Rise and to become Successful. But everyday was the same…. Nothing changed…. Until one day I was told that my job was moving overseas and I needed to look for a new one…

I didn’t have much savings as I was on a low salary and I was having trouble finding new work… I tried to start my own Business using to export my idea overseas and to have it created for a cheaper price but I was scammed…. Twice…
After that I couldn’t even afford to buy a soft drink from the supermarket. I desperately needed every single penny! :(

My friends and family would ask me to go out with them, to have a drink or some lunch together but I had to always make some lame excuse as I didn’t want to tell them that I couldn’t afford it…

After being miserable I thought to myself “if my friends can be successful with MLM then so can I!”
It was my last resort so I decided to give it a shot…

I began researching MLM companies to find one that suited me best and that’s when I came across MyFunLife.
The decision to take on this opportunity changed my life and I am so grateful for it!
I chose this company because it is New, Very Affordable and because it really does have Excellent Travel Deals!

I now work flexible hours and earn enough that this has become my full-time Job. As a matter of fact this is not my Job but my Business!

I really wish I would have listened to my friends when they told me to be opened-minded and that in order to become successful I needed to start doing what other people are not!
If realised this sooner I would have been working harder on my Business rather then slaving away everyday at work to make someone else Successful…

MyFunLife Review:

To be honest I was thinking what you might thinking right now…. “This is probably going to be another scam”.
However, I can assure you that MyFunLife is not a scam!
Hopefully by reading MyFunLife Review and by looking at my website you will gain a greater understanding of this opportunity.

Let’s start off by saying that MyFunLife really does pay!
I have been paid for sharing this amazing opportunity with others as well as for booking Travel using their Cha-Ching Booking System.

Payment Proof:
I know that anyone can claim that they are getting paid but not everyone can Prove it!
When I was first looking at MyFunLife’s opportunity I wanted to see proof to ensure that it was not a scam and that it really did pay! For this reason I have provided Proof of some of my payments below.
Monthly Payments
Monthly Payment Email
Coded Bonus Payment

To be honest I have not yet tried FunTRIPS and FunCONDOS but I have tried
the Cha-Ching Booking System it works great!

I have also compared prices against other Travel Agents and Airlines and it really does find some of Cheapest Travel Deals!
However, there have been a few cases were Domestic Flights were cheaper with Budget Airlines BUT with International Flights I have always managed to find the cheapest by using Cha-Ching Booking.
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In addition to the Cha-Ching Booking Review, I have also done a Review on Sizzle Weeks. After comparing some of the Sizzle Week Deals, I found that the amount of money you save really is incredible!
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If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.
MyFunLife Review