How to Organize Multiple Email Accounts

Multiple Email AccountsThere comes a time in your life when you notice that you require more than one E-mail account.
The question is, once you have multiple Email accounts how do you organize them?

I personally have 8 different accounts and there is no way that I would sign-in to each of my 8 Email accounts everyday to check if I have new mail.

Before I tell you how to organize your multiple Email accounts I will explain to you why I have 10 different ones.

1. For this website and my MyFunLife Business.

2. For a different website and this Business.

3. My personal E-mail.

4. Gmail for YouTube that is used in conjunction to this website and MyFunLife Business.

5. Gmail for YouTube that is used in conjunction to my other website and this Business.

6. An email that I can just try things on and and not have to worry about my Email being ruined by spam.

7. An Email that I can use to post classified Ads.

8. An Email for mailers and other advertising methods that spam your email.


How to Organize Multiple Email Accounts

To organize multiple Email accounts you need to get a software called an Email Client.
An Email client basically allows you to add multiple Email accounts into the software which then allows you to view all of the Email accounts simultaneous.
I personally use 2 different Email clients which are Windows Live Mail and Thunderbird.

Windows Live Mail is very is to set-up and understand which is why I recommend this E-mail client to people who are not very tech savvy.

Windows Live - Multiple Email Accounts

Thunderbird is better than Windows Live Mail because it is more customizable. By this I mean you can add different add-ons to allow the client to have different features. However, Thunderbird can be little harder to set-up.

Thunderbird- Multiple Email Accounts
Both software will allow you to organize multiple E-mail accounts effectively and both perform the same basic functions which is sending and receiving Email.
However, which one you choose really depends on whether you want the extra functionality and how technical you are.

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  1. Kate says:

    Thank you so much for this! Was very helpful!

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